25 Kata Kerja Dalam Bahasa Inggris yang Digunakan Sehari-hari dan Contoh Kalimatnya

25 Kata Kerja Dalam Bahasa Inggris yang Digunakan Sehari-hari dan Contoh Kalimatnya. Berikut ini, terdapat 25 contoh kata kerja dalam bahasa Inggris yang digunakan dalam aktivitas sehari-hari beserta contoh kalimatnya. Semoga bisa memberikan manfaat kepada Adik-adik sekalian.

1. Kata Kerja Has/Have
My sister has a pet.
We have English class twice a week.

2. Kata Kerja Do

Have you done your English assignment?
My brother does the house cores very well.

3. Kata Kerja Say

My teacher says that we should never give up to pursue our dreams.
Who says when you fall in love, you lose your logic, too?

4. Kata Kerja Get

I get A for my writing class.
Sean always gets up at five sharp in weekdays.

5. Kata Kerja Make

Would you please to make me a coffee?
Jordan makes my face turn red when he says “I love the way you smile.”

6. Kata Kerja Go
Reuben will go to Bali on next holiday.
I go to market by feet and I enjoy that!

7. Kata Kerja Know
I don’t know why I could be suddenly in love with her.
We know each other since we are senior high school.

8. Kata Kerja Take

I will take you home after watching movie.
Please take off your shoes before entering this room!

9. Kata Kerja See
She has never seen such a beautiful beach before like in pantai Klara, Lampung.
See you soon!

10. Kata Kerja Come
Come to my home on weekend and I will cook for you!
Will you come to Desta’s wedding party tomorrow?

11. Kata Kerja ThinkFerre thinks it’s nice to go home earlier and have dinner with her mom.
Diandra thought she couldn’t finish her papers on time, but she can!

12. Kata Kerja Look
Look at that classic book! That’s what I’m looking for so far.
You look gorgeous today, sweetheart!

13. Kata Kerja Want

My mom wants me to finish my study soon.
I want pizza for dinner, please.

14. Kata Kerja Give

Remi gives me a handmade brachelet, and I just love it!
My teacher gives a free movie ticket for those who submit a portofolio very well.

15. Kata Kerja Use

Don’t use the glue too much, dear!
I use a poem in expressing my feeling.

16. Kata Kerja Find

I couldn’t find the place that you told to me last week.
Borno finds a poor little cat on the way home.

17. Kata Kerja Tell

My mother usually tells me a story before I sleep.
Can you tell me something about our new boss?

18. Kata Kerja Ask

Ms. Faiqa asks the students to read children book as our homework.
I ask my sister to improve her music skill.

19. Kata Kerja Work

Kara works eight hours a day.
Movic works as a blogger.

20. Kata Kerja SeemIt seems difficult to start doing exercise, though it’s good for your health!
Indra seems to be warm and nice to all his friends.

21. Kata Kerja Feel

I feel sorry for what happened to you yesterday.
I feel happy for your marriage.

22. Kata Kerja Try

Sheila tries to do her English task by herself, although it’s quite hard!
Try this food and you will ask more and more!

23. Kata Kerja Leave

I have to leave now!
When will you leave this country?

24. Kata Kerja Call

Call me whenever you need!
May I call you with your nick name?

25. Kata Kerja Put
Can you put on your uniform by yourself, dear?
You should put your school as your priority since you are still a student.

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